Message from Dr. Pat Campbell, Calgary CSL

Hi all. I was asked to write something uplifting this week, in light of the world’s events. Usually writing uplifting pieces comes pretty easily to me. However, I found it particularly challenging, because, like many of you, I was caught up in the world of effect at this time.

So I went to my go-to book by Ernest Holmes, the founder of our teaching. I love all of his writings, but “This Thing Called You” is my fave. I rifled through it, looking for something to bring me peace and inspiration. The following did it for me. I hope it does for you, as well:

“The Spirit is neither sad nor depressed. If you would catch the vision of the joy which should be yours, you must dry your tears, you must lay aside your fears, you must think from the inspirational center within you which is nothing less than the Divine in you singing Its song of life.

The wick of your individual life runs deep into the oil of pure Being. There is but One Life and that Life is your life now. No matter what confusion appears at the surface of your life, there is always a place of calm at the center of your being. No matter how turbulent the waves may be on the ocean of your experience, beneath there is a changeless peace. Your being is submerged but not lost in the Infinite.

When you become confused, stop and listen to your inner calm. Turn from the confusion to that deeper something within. Say: I am submerged in peace. I am surrounded by peace. I am immersed in peace. There is nothing but peace. Peace-deep, calm, undisturbed. You will find that the confusion disappears. The light which the storm seemed to have extinguished again becomes steady. Peace comes from a sense of union with the whole.”

This may not fix the unrest and uncertainty in the world, but it certainly helped fix the unrest and uncertainty within me. And that is a good place to start. As within, so without.

Peace and blessings.