Co-Creating A World That Works For Everyone!

Get Involved

Please contact us at changeforchange@calgarycsl.org if you are interested in getting involved or contact the chairperson, Ron Hahn directly on any Sunday or by email ronhahn@calgarycsl.org    See Outreach Volunteers for more information We love our volunteers!

Change for Change is a group of individuals within the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living community, who give their time, energy, talent and treasure, in order to empower others and help make the world a better place.

The Change for Change Outreach Program spearheaded by Ron Hahn identifies, develops, and completes community projects arising from suggestions from within the CCSL membership as well as the Outreach Steering Committee. These projects support individuals to reveal their personal wholeness and magnificence, co-creating a world that works for everyone


Donations designated to Change for Change Outreach can be made by:

e-transferred to office@calgarycsl.org

to donate online click Donate

mail or drop off at the Centre:

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living
4411 Manitoba Rd SE
Calgary AB T2G 4B9

Add a message designating donations to Change for Change outreach.

Adopt a Piggy (bank)

Team lead/champion:  Cathy Prohl and Jennifer Owens

This is our ongoing fundraiser for Outreach.  You can sign up at the Centre on Sundays and receive a little blue piggy bank to collect your change for Change for Change. We will be collecting funds from the piggies throughout the year to use for our various outreach programs.

How We Are Helping

Calgary Drop In Centre

Team Lead/Champion:  Dee Bardsley

Volunteers conducted a BLANKET AND TOWEL DRIVE that collected 114 towels and 71 blankets! They also collected over 1100 items and 85 backpacks to make 100 FROSTY BITES KITS and extra items! Volunteers counted, bagged, labelled and delivered items to the Calgary Drop In Centre. They had 29 volunteers who worked at the DONATION CENTRE SORTING clothing, books, kitchen supplies, etc. that were donated by the general public the Calgary Drop In Centre. Thank you to the over 70 volunteers who participated in Calgary Drop In Centre events, from the Funday school children making cards to go into the kits, to the Teens/Tweens who carried donations up into the loft and, to all of the adult volunteers.

Food for the Soul

Team Lead/ Champion: Leslie Gardner

Providing sandwiches, prepared with love, for less privileged.

Let’s get together to make our lunchtime favorite healthy sandwiches – a perfect vehicle for complex carbohydrates, good-for-you fats, fiber-packed veggies, and lean protein. These sandwiches will be donated to partner charity-CUPS.

“To be in loving service of humanity while strengthening the community with like-minded beings.”

Loops of Joy

Team Lead/Champion:  Rosalie Bain

This Project involves using our gifts by making toques to donate them to the needy. Participants meet once per month at the Centre or work from home. They donate yarn, roll the yarn, hook the toques and deliver them to various charities from suggestions provided by the CCSL community.  Easy ‘learn to hook classes’ are provided to any new volunteers who may require them.  We have connected with 11 different groups and have donated almost 600 toques and head bands. They are greatly appreciated by all the recipients.

Yarn Donations Please

Have yarn at home that you no longer want? Consider donating it to the Loops of Joy project and we will turn it into a cozy hat for charity. Your yarn donations can be dropped off at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. Thanks for your support!

Easter Seals Camp Horizon

Team Lead/Champion:  Cathy Prohl

C4C volunteers partnered with Camp Horizon at Bragg Creek to help with the season-end clean up. Camp Horizon provides summer camps and respite that fosters inclusion, independence and recreation for Albertans, youth and adults, with disabilities and medical conditions. Our volunteers detail-cleaned camp vehicles and dorms, and sorted and stored equipment used for physical activities and crafts. It felt wonderful to be able to help out! Let’s do it again!

Calgary Pride

Team Lead/Champion:  Rev. Monika Krammer

The Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living Pride Committee is actively working on ways we can participate with Calgary Pride this year in an absence of the Calgary Pride Parade and Festival. The CCSL Pride Logo contest was a great success with 15 entries and one winning logo currently being drafted professionally. Stay tuned for more developments.

How You Can Help

Outreach Volunteers Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for the Outreach Program consider the following:

Outreach champions

Volunteer to spearhead one of our outreach programs or bring forward a suggestion for something you would like to see the Center undertake (according to the project criteria provided above).

Outreach Project Volunteer

Each of the projects we are now running needs volunteer assistance.  The time commitment is up to you, from a few hours a month to a few hours a week.  Let us know by email at changeforchange@calgarycsl.org which project interests you and we will find something that fits your interest and schedule.

Outreach Steering Committee Member

Several times a year, a committee meeting is announced and anyone from the community may attend.  You become a committee member by your presence and willingness to participate.  You may also volunteer to be on the steering committee by emailing changeforchange@calgarycsl.org.

Have A Project Suggestion?

Want to spearhead a project or just make a suggestion. Please download and print the form below. Outline your idea with as much detail as possible. Feel free to use additional space/pages as needed. Scan and email your completed form to changeforchange@calgarycsl.org or mail or drop it off at the Centre.

Project Criteria

Projects will be assessed to see if they meet the following 4 basic criteria:

  1. The Project will be Local and with a definite beginning and end point.
  2. The project will incorporate an opportunity for our members to invest their time and energy, their talents and their treasures.
  3. The project will have sufficient support of the membership and the recipient organization to be successful.
  4. The activities to be undertaken will provide life affirming support and/or assist individuals to reveal their wholeness and personal power/magnificence.

“Hope is being able to see there is light despite all the darkness.”

- Desmond Tutu