Get Involved


There are many ways to get involved. Attend Events, Sunday Meditation and Celebration, Funday for Kids, Youth Group, social events, discussion groups, registered spiritual and self-help courses, workshops, conferences, group meditations, peace walks, request spiritual guidance and treatment from a minister or practitioner, sign up for the newsletter, become a member, attend the annual general meeting, buy a share in the farm, bring a friend.


Get involved at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. Volunteers play an integral part of our mission to create a world that works for everyone.  Become a volunteer for the Calgary Center for Spiritual Living. Volunteering is an incredible way to share your talents, meet new friends, enrich lives and be of service.

Interested in volunteering at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living?  Please download the volunteer form and return to or email us for more information on volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer on Sundays

Volunteer coordinator, Welcome Table, ushers, Discover Team - welcoming newcomers, Funday teachers and helpers, youth leaders, hospitality, Soul Shop bookstore, Change for Change outreach.

Volunteer Other Times

Casino Fundraising, Pride Committee, Marketing Committee, Board of Trustees, Audit Committee, Maintenance, Farm.

Outreach Volunteers

To learn more about volunteering for our outreach “Change for Change” programs with wonderful like-minded people, check out our Outreach page and email us at


The Soul Shop is our onsite bookstore where you can purchase a wide selection of Spiritual and Self Help Books, Children's Books, as well as Gifts, Cards, Jewelry, Arts, and Crafts made by members.


Joining in the Divine flow by giving money to help the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living thrive and be able to provide all the wonderful events and services we offer our members and the greater community. It is a wonderful way to get involved. Please see our Donate Page to learn about all the ways you to give.

Spread the Word

Do you like what you experience and learn at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living? Tell your friends and family about us and encourage them to come to the centre for Sunday Meditation and Celebration. Or have them check us out on our website or social media platforms.

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