Ministers and Practitioners

The spiritual and executive director of the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living is Dr. Pat Campbell. She is the minister in charge of all staff, adult education, and programming. She provides guidance to the ministers and practitioners and the board of trustees.

In addition, we are also blessed with four highly qualified staff ministers and numerous spiritual practitioners. Our ministers lead Sunday Celebrations and give inspirational talks. Our ministers and spiritual practitioners are licensed professionals who provide a variety of services, including leading guided meditations on Sundays, providing Spiritual Mind Treatment (positive thinking support), provide assistance with learning to meditate, pastoral care, celebrations of life, and other means of spiritual support. They also teach Science of Mind and other spiritual and personal development classes and contribute in numerous other ways to the running of this centre and nurturing this spiritual community.

Please talk with any of our ministers or practitioners on Sunday or contact them for support, or to inquire about this teaching, classes, or workshops. They are here for you. Please see the Treatment and Meditation pages for more information.


All ministers are available for weddings, celebrations of life, baby blessings, house blessings, business blessings. Each ceremony will be custom designed for your special event. Contact Dr. Pat at or the office at, 403.244.8728 for more details.

Dr. Pat Campbell

Spiritual and Executive Director

Dr. Pat Campbell has been the spiritual and executive director of the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living since 2013. Prior to that, she served as senior minister of the Temecula Valley Center for Spiritual Living in Southern California for close to 15 years. When she is asked why she moved from California to Canada, her response is, “Why not? Our teaching is about change…and it was time for a change.”

She completed seven years of study in Religious Science, became a licensed minister of Centers for Spiritual Living in 1998, ordained in 2001, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Religious Science in 2010. Additional education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcasting from California State University, Long Beach and an Associate of Arts Degree in Vocal Music from Miracosta College.

Dr. Pat is known for her humour, story-telling, and simple way of presenting spiritual truths. She often uses experiences from her own life to teach Principle. Her book “Giving God a Good Time,” is a fun, fresh approach to the idea that we are all Spirit in expression. As such, it is our responsibility to “show God a good time,” by means of our lives. It is available in the Soul Shop at the centre and on Amazon and Kindle.

She lives in Calgary with her two cats, George and Lucy, and her French bulldog, Annie, and is learning to embrace the many varieties of weather here in Alberta.

Rev. Marjorie Contenti

Staff Minister

Marjorie Contenti is an experienced staff minister, Science of Mind practitioner, educator, coach and facilitator who sees the magnificence and potential in each individual. A professional communicator, Marjorie has taught courses in Science of Mind, self-development, human resources, communication and management, and has international experience in teaching in China. She is a clear, inspiring, enthusiastic speaker.


Rev. Lesley McNamara

Staff Minister

Lesley McNamara was a licensed minister with the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna until recently moving to Calgary. It didn’t take long for us to see how much of a wonderful contribution she would make to our team, and we gladly asked her to be a staff minister with us.

Lesley has spent the last 10 years in the Science of Mind teachings, learning and gaining insights into her personal style and beliefs and has created a beautiful life for herself and her family using the tools and ideas from her studies.

Known for her welcoming presence, time spent with Lesley is fun, safe, and enlightening. When she isn’t out transforming the world, she can be found playing with her big kitty, Bugsy and drinking a perfect decaf, almond milk latte!

Rev. Monika Krammer

Staff Minister

In 2006, Monika Krammer started to study the Science of Mind philosophy with the Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living. She became a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner in June of 2010, and completed three years ministerial training in Kelowna, BC. She has served in the Centers for Spiritual Living’s World Ministry of Prayer since 2012.

Monika lives by the principle of unity, although expressed in many different ways, reminding us that many paths lead to the One and that anybody willing and accepting this Truth, can realize their dreams.

She is committed to her own spiritual growth, is heartfelt and teachable, delivering her message authentically and with a sense of fun.

Rev. Monika is elated to have joined the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living and is the perfect fit for our Centre’s Pastoral Care Service which includes visitations and prayer work.


Rev. Darlene Schneider Chase

Staff Minister

Rev. Darlene has been a licensed ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living since 1990 and is happy to have returned to her birth home of Calgary. She officially joined our Spiritual leadership team in September, 2017.

She has been a student of Spiritual knowledge and practice over a now 40 year span. She studied with Dr. Arleen Bump and became an RSI minister in 1989. From here she founded the first Religious Science Church, in the lower mainland, to serve her congregants of British Columbia for the following 18 years.

Her devotion to “build healthy families and individuals,” all over western Canada has been an incredible journey. It still out-pictures through her love of Science of Mind teachings, RSI Practitionership, Weddings, Memorials, Life Reviews, Classes and a private therapy practice.


Pheli Dlamini

Spiritual Practitioner

Pheli is a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner at the Calgary Centre for spiritual living. She believes in the power the mind, through her intensive studies of the Science of Mind. She explores avenues of healing through the use of mind, reconnecting to the source of all life, the undivided principle of God.

Embodying principles of mindfulness and meditation, Pheli conducts workshops and classes through the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living, she believes in the power of spiritual prayer ( spiritual mind treatment ) and invites all seeking healing to explore this methodology with her by booking a personal session.

Ron Hahn

Spiritual Practitioner

Ron has lived in Calgary for nearly 30 years and has been an enthusiastic explorer in the teachings of Science of Mind since 2000, becoming a member of the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living in 2004. After years of classes, Ron entered the 2 year Practitioner Program and received his license as a Practitioner in 2016.

His personal goals are to support individuals to realize their personal worth and to reveal that in their own lives. To that end, he launched and facilitates a discussion group now called “Consciousness Seekers” which focuses on individual self-realization and takes place on most Mondays 7-8:30 pm, see the events calendar for dates and more information. He is an avid meditator and loves to support and guide individuals and groups in learning about and participating in meditative practices.

He believes absolutely in the power of Treatment to make positive shifts in one’s life, as it so clearly has worked in his own. He considers individual spiritual guidance and support to be his main focus of practice as a practitioner and is excited and happy to be available to those who seek it.

Tracey Peterson

Spiritual Practitioner

As a community leader in personal transformation, Tracey Peterson is a clearing for infinite possibility in a world that is already perfect. She actively commits to building and being freedom, joy, service, compassion, love, authenticity and creativity.

Using her diverse training and well stocked tool box, Tracey’s intention in living this thing called life is to help clients create joyous and fulfilling experiences in the now, leaving the constraints of the past behind, and dismissing any worries of the future.

Tracey’s life has been crafted to fulfill her reason for being – to connect meaningfully, vulnerably and deeply with others. Tracey focuses on the boundless good available to everybody in this co-creative journey for she knows life is meant to be a delicious and never-ending romp of joy.

Amy Bishop

Spiritual Practitioner

In addition to dazzling us with her incredible voice and being our musical director, Amy is also a licensed spiritual practitioner and is available for positive living support after Sunday celebration.

Lucille Worone

Spiritual Practitioner

Lance Rath

Spiritual Practitioner

Sabrina Mauro

Spiritual Practitioner

Sabrina is a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner with the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. She has been exploring the teaching for several years before joining CCSL. After taking several classes at the centre she felt guided to study practitioner training in 2018.

Sabrina is on her own continuous journey of self-discovery and participates in daily spiritual practices of mediation and spiritual mind treatment.

She believes that we are all unique expressions of the Divine therefore, encourages and supports others to see their own magnificence of self-expression through spiritual guidance and support. She is delighted to be sharing her knowledge with others so they too can live a life of joy and fulfillment as it is meant to be.

Valda Harris

Spiritual Practitioner

Mother of two great humans and a retired educator,  Valda is embracing this next stage of life to continue to deepen understanding of the teaching, serve Life, and pursue writing, teaching, and art with gusto.  She is grateful to be on the Practitioner path!

Fran Watson

Spiritual Practitioner

Fran Watson is a newly licensed practitioner with the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. While she has been on a spiritual path with many twists and turns for more than 30 years, she found the Centre in 2017 and knew she had found her spiritual home in this community of loving, caring people committed to living more fulfilling lives. Fran loves every aspect of being a practitioner from offering spiritual mind treatments and meditations, to teaching and facilitating workshops and classes in a variety of formats. Her gift is seeing the Divine Gifts in others and calling them forward to be more fully expressed.