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"We are one with the rest of nature, fitting neither above nor below, but within." 

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Farm Announcement - Shares For Sale!

The CCSL Urban Farm

Our third annual Urban Farm will be in operation again this year on our land next to our parking lot. You are invited to participate by buying a share in locally grown food.

Farm Shares For Sale

Pick up your fresh vegetables for 15 weeks starting June 14 from CCSL on Sundays 1-3pm or on Saturday evenings from a private location in Parkdale.

This has been one of our most successful community events! People love fresh produce!

Community Supported Agriculture CSA is great for the environment and for you!


$225 for 15 weeks of fresh, organically-grown local produce

Buy your share now!
Send name, email, phone #
Michael Gavin
(587) 215-1707

Caring for Our Planet

In the past few years, we have developed two environmental stewardship projects at Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living spearheaded by John Daly: The Farm, a community supported agriculture farm and The Bees, an urban bee hives project. Both of these project have taken place onsite at the centre. Members invested in The Farm shares and received fresh, organically-grown vegetables on Sundays. Workshops were held for the Funday Kids and adults around growing food and understanding the role of pollinators like bees. Projects like these helped Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living to win the Community Award from our parent organization, Centers for Spiritual Living in 2019.

Urban Beekeeping Onsite

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living partnered with Alveole, the urban beekeeping company, and supported four beehives (40,000 bees) that helped bees thrive in the city. In addition, they provided education around the importance of bees in our ecosystem, plus produced some delicious honey.

CSA Farm Onsite

Previously unused land east of our parking lot was turned from sod into an urban farm.

The farm served as an educational tool for our children and youth programs.

Boy with beekeeper above with our farm in the background.

The Harvest

Community members invested in the environment by purchasing shares in an urban farm. The farm provided fresh, organically-grown vegetables to shareholders throughout the summer and fall.


Please keep an eye out for events or news posts related to our environmental projects: farm share sales and distribution days, and educational workshops around the farm or bees.

“Energy is the essence of atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of every physical thing. That which creates is the same as the thing created. The cause is the same as the effect.” 

- Ernest Holmes