The Essential Ernest Holmes

The Essential Ernest Holmes

Starts June 4 and runs Tuesday evenings until July 30th.

A required course for anyone who wishes to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

The Essential Ernest Holmes is a comprehensive course that explores the profound writings of Ernest Holmes, providing a deep exploration of his transformative teachings. From his introspective and devotional writings to his impassioned teachings to future leaders, this course uncovers the essence of Holmes’ wisdom. By recognizing his love for humanity and his ability to perceive beyond surface-level problems, participants will discover the timeless relevance of his teachings which foreshadowed modern psychology. Holmes emphasized the boundless power of human choice in shaping thoughts and emotions, connecting the human condition to our infinite potential. This course serves as an illuminating exploration of Ernest Holmes’ writings, enabling participants to delve into the depths of his teachings and gain invaluable insights into the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

Required Texts : Science Of Mind, by Ernest Holmes and The Essential Ernest Holmes by Jesse Jennings

Course fee: $240 send your e-transfer to

Payment can be broken into payments, contact the office to arrange.

July 09. 2024

From 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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