Treatment for Unity and Harmony

Here is a Spiritual Mind Treatment to help heal any division or disharmony present in the world:

There is one Indivisible Whole, one Life Force Energy, one Divine Mind back of all things. It is in, through, and around everything and everyone. It is Unity that expresses Itself in multiplicity – yet it is still always and forever Unity.

It is expressing Itself through me, as me. I am one with It, not because I choose it, but because It is what I am. I am an individual wave in the Ocean of Life – uniquely shaped, yet part of the All and Everything Ocean. What is true for me is true for everyone, everywhere. No matter the appearance of separateness or division – we are One with It and with each other.

I claim and know that this is being demonstrated right now in our current world of effect. That over and above the appearance of illness, fear, chaos, and division – there is the Spiritual Truth of Unity. We see that demonstrated by the overwhelming tendency for humanity to reach out and help those in need – from the first responders, the doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospital staff, the grocery and pharmacy employees, postal workers, delivery drivers, truck drivers, to the leaders who are arising from the confusion to provide light. I also claim and know that this is a supportive, friendly Universe, that is here for us. It is impelled by Love and governed by Law. Therefore, as we move forward in Love and work directly and consciously with Law, we now bring this situation to a healthy, happy, and harmonious conclusion, that ultimately serves all in a greater way.

I am so grateful to know and speak this Truth, as I declare that it is the Truth.

I release this work in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, trusting that it is done. And so it is!