Sunday Talk – “What The Bleep Does She Know?”

On October 29, Dr. Pat’s talk is “What the Bleep Does She Know, Anyway?” As a testimony to her 25 years in ministry (being celebrated this coming Friday), Dr. Pat will do “pick a page.” This means someone in the audience will randomly choose a part of the Science of Mind text, and Dr. Pat will speak on it extemporaneously. It is always interesting, fun, and challenging (for her). Come on Sunday to find out what the bleep she actually knows…

The pre-service meditation, led by Practitioner Connie Chau, begins at 10:00 am Mountain Time. Then the Sunday Celebration starts at 10:30 am with music by Elevation! (featuring some of the best working musicians in Calgary).

Our Lovestream (online live Service viewing) is available on our website, on FaceBook and our YouTube channel.