Sunday Talk – “This is the Way”

The talk for Sunday, February 20, is “This Is the Way.” One of my crushes over the past couple of years has been The Mandalorian, which is part of the Star Wars lore. They use the phrase “This is the way” like we use “And so it is.” The challenge becomes when we are so entrenched in “our” way, we can’t even fathom someone else’s way may be just as important to them. Join me for a lively conversation on resolve versus flexibility.

The pre-service meditation, led by practitioner Gail Verdi, begins at 10:00 am Mountain Time, and the Sunday Celebration starts at 10:30 am with music by Elevation!

We are open to in-person attendance! We are still masking and distancing for a couple more weeks, but the energy in the sanctuary is great!! We’d love to see you in person.