Sunday Talk – “Polar Bear Plunge”

The talk title for Sunday, April 7, is “Polar Bear Plunge” Who hasn’t been hurt by the actions or words of another? What is the one thing that leaves broken relationships? Could it be a lack of forgiveness? If you are pondering these questions yourself, you are invited to take the plunge. It might not be as shocking as jumping into ice-cold water, as Spirit is always loving. Rev. Monika Krammer takes you through some thought provoking moves with Freedom as the reward for forgiveness. Join us this Sunday to take the plunge and reap the benefits.

The pre-service meditation, led by Practitioner Fran Watson, begins at 10:00 am Mountain Time. Then the Sunday Celebration starts at 10:30 am with music by Elevation! (featuring some of the best working musicians in Calgary).