Sunday Talk: Hard Habit to Break

Hi all. Dr. Pat here. My talk for Sunday, May 31, “Hard Habit to Break.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it challenging to break old habits and adopt new ones — be they physical, mental, or spiritual ones. Join me on Sunday as we take a look at why habits are hard to break, and how we can make it easier — using spiritual Principles.
Last Sunday, I took the day off and watched the Sunday Celebration from home. I discovered a few things: I liked watching on Facebook Live because it’s fun to read the comments of other people watching. It feels like community. However, my internet was a bit sketchy, so there were some glitches in the live-stream.
Then, I tuned in on our website, which was better reception…but no comments. So then I took advantage of technology, and watched the service on the website, and had my smart phone tuned into Facebook Live for the comments. It worked great!
We certainly hope you are enjoying the “new habit” of watching our Sunday services online. We will be continuing this method of providing Service for the foreseeable future. PLEASE STAY HOME and enjoy the service from the comfort of your home.