Rev. Monika Krammer

Rev. Monika Krammer
Staff Minister


In 2006, Monika Krammer started to study the Science of Mind philosophy with the Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living. She became a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner in June of 2010, and completed three years ministerial training in Kelowna, BC. She has served in the Centers for Spiritual Living’s World Ministry of Prayer since 2012.

Monika lives by the principle of unity, although expressed in many different ways, reminding us that many paths lead to the One and that anybody willing and accepting this Truth, can realize their dreams.

She is committed to her own spiritual growth, is heartfelt and teachable, delivering her message authentically and with a sense of fun.

Rev. Monika is elated to have joined the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living and is the perfect fit for our Centre’s Pastoral Care Service which includes visitations and prayer work.