Dr. Pat Campbell


Dr. Pat Campbell has been the Senior Minister/Spiritual Director of the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living since 2013. Prior to that, she served as Senior Minister of the Temecula Valley Center for Spiritual Living (in Southern California) for close to 15 years. When she is asked why she moved from California to Canada, her response is, “Why not? Our teaching is about change…and it was time for a change.”

Dr. Pat is known for her humor, story-telling ,and simple way of presenting spiritual truth. She often uses experiences from her own life to teach Principle.

Dr. Pat is the author of “Giving God a Good Time,” a fun, fresh approach to the idea that we are all Spirit in expression. As such, it is our responsibility to “show God a good time,” by means of our lives. It is available on Amazon and Kindle.

She lives here in Calgary with her two cats, George and Lucy, and is learning to embrace the many varieties of weather here in Alberta.