FOUNDATIONS of Our Teaching

Starting Tuesday October 10, join this 10 week deep-dive learning experience into the foundations of our teaching.  Facilitated by Dr. Pat. Accessible to attend in-person only.  (online version will be held early next year)

The regular investment for this course is $295. It is worth much more than that, but you may not know this until after you’ve joined. Here is an opportunity to discover it for yourself with “Priceless Pricing!”


We want to dwell in the paradox of making classes accessible for everyone while maintaining the fiscal integrity of our Center.  We invite you to ask your heart to guide you to the right amount to pay for this class.  Some will pay more, some less.  No exchange is too large or too small.  Our combined gifts converge in the currency of compassion and awareness to awaken us to the enduring good of all.

In other words –

  • Pay only the $45 registration fee and commit to coming to class.  Gift this class to yourself.
  • Then, be open to donate during the course as the value unfolds  – any amount up to infinity.

October 10. 2023

From 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


4411 Manitoba Rd SE
T2Y 3Z6

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