Starting Tuesday January 16, join this 10 week deep-dive learning experience into the foundations of our teaching.  Facilitated by Dr. Pat. This is an “online only” course.

To register, simply send an e-transfer for $45.

Course Fees after the $45 are through our Priceless Pricing offering.  What is that you ask?

The standard cost of the course is $295, which includes the registration fee of $45. This comes to $25 per class. Because we want everyone to realize the benefits of the course, we are only requiring the $45 registration fee to be paid. For those who chose this option, wonderful!  As you grow in consciousness and recognize the value you are receiving, you are free to contribute more — up to and beyond the standard cost of the class.
You are also welcome to pay the standard $295 for the course if you prefer.

January 30. 2024

From 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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