Community Drumming Circle

Community Drumming Circle

“Drumming is an evolutionary tool that has been at the center of the human experience – WHY? Because of our Heart Beat. Drumming feels like coming home to ourselves. You get to Choose Your OWN Adventure!

Loud or soft. Fast or Steady. Complex or Simple. The pursuit of balance is the key! In the moment, you can choose between: Actively playing/creating/dancing… or… Simply sitting, feeling, and noticing: Mindfully.

This is a space that is free from judgement – offering the choice to step outside of your comfort zone. We incorporate moments of active meditation, conscious breathing, and gentle movements.”

Be at the Centre at 1:30 PM to enjoy this amazing experience.  $15.00 per person.  Bring your friends!

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March 05. 2023

From 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


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