Sunday Talk: We Are One – A Calgary Pride Week event

Hi all. Dr. Pat here. My talk on Sunday, August 30, is “We Are One.” Probably the most fundamental aspect of our teaching is that we are all equal and part of each other — regardless of religion, education, race, gender, nationality, or sexual preference. At the same time, each of us is a unique expression of the Divine and here to live our individual lives in our own way. (It may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t.)
Join me for our Pride celebration, where everyone’s unique gifts, talents, and expressions are acknowledged and recognized. Plus, we have a few surprises as well! It’s going to be a wonderful morning!
The morning meditation at 10:00 will be provided by Rev. Monika Krammer. And our always incredible music, with Amy and the gang, will start right at 10:30. (You’re going to love this week’s music!)