White owl holding feather in beak

Sunday Talk: Taize Musical Meditation

Hi all. Dr. Pat here.

We are going to do something kind of different on Sunday, December 27. Because it is that peaceful time between Christmas and New Year’s, our own Amy Bishop (along with practitioner Lucille Worone and I) will be doing a beautiful “Taize'” musical meditation with readings.
If you have experienced a Taize’ service, you know how very special it is. If you haven’t experienced one, you will be transformed by its beauty, simplicity, and deep peace.
Lucille Worone will begin the morning at 10:00 am (MST) with a meditation, then the Sunday Celebration will start at 10:30.
FOLKS, PLEASE STAY HOME and enjoy the service from the comfort of your home. It’s really easy: tune in on Facebook or our website (www.calgarycsl.org).