Sunday Talk – Life Keeps Showing Up

The talk title for Sunday, March 6, is “Life Keeps Showing Up.” Sometimes, when we embark on a new, positive path, we think that everything is going to completely change, right away. Yet the truth is, life keeps going on as it has. What changes is us — how we see things, how we react to things, what we do when things happen. We’re going to talk about some of the tools available to us when “life keeps showing up.”
The pre-service meditation, led by licensed Spiritual Practitioner Lance Rath, begins at 10:00 am Mountain Time, and the Sunday Celebration starts at 10:30 am with music by Elevation!
We are open to in-person attendance! The province of Alberta has lifted almost all Covid-19 restrictions, including masks in indoor public places and capacity limits. We ask that people do what is comfortable for them, ie. if you feel like wearing a mask, by all means do. If you still want to distance, we have plenty of room. Do what is right for you.