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*NOTE - This will be taught as in-person only


Experiment. Learn. Practice and have Fun with Meditation.

It is More than you Think!

This course teaches many different modalities of meditation,
such as mantras, sound, movement and breathing.
Each week one or two experiential forms of meditation are practiced.
Open to explorers, seekers, experts and complete newcomers to meditation.


Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living

4411 Manitoba Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4B9

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Dr. Pat Campbell is the Spiritual Director of the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living since 2013.

She became a licensed Minister of Centers for Spiritual Living in 1998, ordained in 2001, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Religious Science in 2010. Additional education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcasting from California State University, Long Beach and an Associate of Arts Degree in Vocal Music from Mira Costa College.

Dr. Pat is known for her humour, story-telling, and simple way of presenting spiritual truths. She often uses experiences from her own life to teach Principle. Her book “Giving God a Good Time,” is a fun, fresh approach to the idea that we are all Spirit in expression. As such, it is our responsibility to “show God a good time,” by means of our lives. It is available in the Soul Shop at the Centre and on Amazon and Kindle.


8 week class
Starting Tuesday January 10 and going to February 28

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Course Fee: $245

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Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living honors all paths. We are an inter-generational, “not-your-usual” spiritual centre. We provide a great place for “the rest of us” who are looking to connect with God/Higher Power/Universal Presence, but don’t really fit in with any one religion. Though we celebrate age-old spiritual traditions from around the world, our message and delivery are modern and down to Earth. So relax, have fun, and look around – chances are you’ll see people just like you.

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living
4411 Manitoba Rd SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4B9
(403) 244-8728