Dissolving Our Defenses


Nadene Rogers

Taking a more inclusive approach to the self, frees us to be seen and heard more authentically in relationship with others and allows them to respond in kind. The objective of this work is to shake us up, empty us out, lighten us up, and move us off of our perch of personal judgment into the embracement of our humanity.

• Relax the need to have our needs met by others
• Integrate being vulnerable with setting boundaries
• Discern what is our responsibility and what is not
• Embrace
 all of who you are being * Anticipate the best outcome for all parties

NADENE ROGERS enjoyed a 22 yr. career as a professional performer and clowning instructor throughout Canada and the US. She is a New Thought Leader affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. Through creatively bridging humor, science and spirituality into the business of living, Nadene brings people back home to their true magnificence.

“NADENE’S presentation style was genuine, dynamic and engaging, her material - thought provoking and inspiring.” Candice Perko, Director and Co-chair, Business and Community Liaison Committee, Bragg Creek and Area Chamber of Commerce


Date: September 15
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Workshop Fee: $25/person



Register on Sundays at the Centre or online via Paypal

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