About You

You are a unique person with many roles, relationships, viewpoints and life experiences.

Spirituality is personal. You believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience of Spirit, God, Creation, Love-Intelligence or whatever you choose to call the greater Power of Life. You’ve left behind any cookie-cutter definition of your spirituality.

At Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living, we have created many paths for you to explore your spiritual journey. If you want to learn, practice and grow every day of your life, then this is the place for you. The Calgary Centre offers ways for you to enter into a deeper relationship with what gives meaning and purpose to your life, while participating in an enriching, empowering diverse spiritual community.



You can experience peace of mind, joy and empowerment when you Come here.
You can experience friendship, community and a great place to belong when you Connect here.
You can experience new possibilities, expanded horizons and practical spiritual tools when you Grow here.
You can experience creating a better world, enriching your leadership skills, and investing in a meaningful legacy when you Contribute here.