About Us

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living honors all paths to God. We are an inter-generational, “not-your-usual” spiritual centre.  We provide a great place for “the rest of us” who are looking to connect with God/Higher Power/Universal Presence, but don’t really fit in with any one religion. Though we celebrate age-old spiritual traditions from around the world, our message and delivery are modern and down to Earth. So relax, have fun, and look around – chances are you’ll see people just like you.

Calgary Centre For Spiritual Lliving’s Guiding Principles

  • We provide everyone the opportunity to discover and reveal their spiritual potential.
  • By the example of our lives, we demonstrate self-responsibility, integrity and intentional co-creation.
  • Using Science of Mind principles, we create an awareness and demonstration of Infinite possibility.
  • We welcome everyone as we create an inclusive community that evolves individual and global consciousness.