When Life Turns on a Dime …an Afterlife Workshop

Facilitator: Wendy Farrance, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Sunday November 11th
Calgary Centre
for Spiritual Living


Register on Sundays at the Centre or online via Paypal.

Where have my loved ones in Spirit gone
and can I still stay in touch?

Together let’s create a sacred space to honor our ancestors and loved ones in Spirit and understand their efforts to contact us.

Have you ever been contacted from a loved one who has passed away?

Most likely you have but maybe you haven’t realized it OR maybe you haven’t found a safe place to share your experience.

What does Ernest Holmes and other mystics have to say about Eternal life?

What does the afterlife research and other areas such as psychic mediums, near death experiences etc. have to say about soul survival after death?

Do you ever wonder what “heaven” (the spirit world) will be like?

Together we will discuss through interactive activities the death transition process and in particular details such as who is there to greet you, what does your soul look like, where is this place and who might be a part of your soul family.

Wendy will also share her own personal spirit communication journey as well as highlight helpful resources related to grief. We will also engage in a beautiful, peaceful meditation holding a perfect vision of a loved one in Spirit and create a group Spirit altar. If you would like, please bring a picture or item that is significant to you (item will be returned) in the creation of a Spirit altar. There is no obligation to participate in these activities if that does not serve you.


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