SOUL-SIDE OUT – The Workshop

What do Mind-Body Medicine, Quantum Science,
Shamanism, Painting and Prayer have in Common?


ANSWER: Your Soul’s Language


With Summer Bozohora

Author of
“SOUL-SIDE OUT – Universal Laws to Healing & Living Your Best Life”

Learn about the five-step process of INside-OWT – a Souls language based in ten universal laws. The universal laws are reflected in the ideas and principles of quantum science and this workshop was created with the goal of bridging the ideas of science and spiritual understanding in a simple new language.

INside-OUT is a way to be most present, a way to transcend the time-space reality and become a conduit to experiencing the Wave Function – the aspect of our mind that identifies with one-ness, unity and unconditional love – the part that transforms and heals. The process of healing from the inside-out guides one to becoming a witness or observer to your own, your client’s, or loved one’s truth or energy field in a very open, fluid and creative way.

DATE: Sunday March 31st, 2019
TIME: 1:00-3:00 pm
LOCATION: Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living


Register on Sundays at the Centre or online via Paypal.


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